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Specialty Lenses

Blaine Eye Clinic has lenses for every aspect of your life.

Computer or occupational glasses are progressive lenses that are specifically designed for people who work extensively at arm’s length or up close. In these lenses, the up close portion of the lens is raised up and widened considerably. They relieve much of the fatigue and neck pain that is often associated with extended computer use but are also awesome for mechanics, pianists, crafters, and cooks.

Safety glasses are ordered to ANSI standards. The use of Trivex is highly recommended as the safest and most durable option in nearly all cases. According to your needs, nearly any lens type or prescription can be accommodated and each pair will come with either detachable or permanent side shields. If your employer will be paying for your eyewear, please be aware that some restrictions may apply. Please call or stop in with your contract from your employer for assistance.

Driving lenses will vary depending on when the driving is typically done. For nighttime a high-quality glare-free treatment is essential. A yellow tint can also be helpful for those who experience extreme trouble in the dark. Polarized lenses for during the day will always be your best choice although personal preference does come into play when choosing a lens color. Brown is typically a better contrast lens and so will be preferred for driving but many like the true color and darker tint of a grey lens. Drivewear brand lenses are polarized but will also change in darkness according to the conditions on the road.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses are for patients who don’t necessarily need a bifocal but who do a lot of up close work or who experience strain during the day. This is a new technology that makes the bottom of the lens easier to look through at things like printing up close. These lenses are perfect for hard-working adults and students alike.