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At your annual eye examination, our eye doctors check for cataracts. Although cataracts usually do not occur until you are in your sixties, you actually can have them at birth, so we check every patient for them.

A cataract is an opacity or clouding of the natural lens in the eye. Most common causes include UV rays, heredity, and smoking. If the cataract gets too large, it starts interfering with your vision. It is similar to looking through a dirty window. Changing your glasses prescription usually does not help.

Healthy Lens vs. Lens with Cataracts

If and when the cataract starts affecting your lifestyle (i.e., you can no longer drive comfortably at night or see well enough for work, etc.), your eye doctor will refer you to one of our local, skilled eye surgeons. Blaine Eye Clinic works with various top surgeons in the metropolitan area. After your surgery, you typically return to Blaine Eye Clinic for most if not all of your post-operative care.