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Urgent Eye Care

If you have ever gotten something in your eye, you know how painful that can be. Blaine Eye Clinic is prepared to help you if this ever happens to you. It is best if you are seen right away to have your eye evaluated. If the foreign body is still present, it is best to have it removed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

The doctor will evaluate your affected eye on an emergency basis using a special microscope designed specifically for evaluating eyes. If there is something in your eye, he or she will use appropriate equipment that is designed to remove the foreign body after using anesthetic drops. This procedure is typically quite painless.

After the foreign body is removed, you may still feel scratchiness for some time, depending on the extent of the injury. Your doctor may place you on some medications and re-evaluate your eye the next day and as needed to make sure it is healing properly and not developing an infection.

Who should I see if I have something in my eye?

Besides seeing patients for routine and medical comprehensive eye health examinations,  Blaine Eye Clinic treats immediate eye problems too.  It is usually better to see an eye doctor for many urgent eye issues as we have microscopes and other equipment to view your eyes in great detail.

See us for the following urgent eye problems:

  • Eye infections, such as pink eye
  • Corneal abrasions (a scratch on your eye)
  • Removing foreign bodies (such as a piece of metal)
  • Itchy allergy eyes
  • Diagnose retinal detachments that may be related to new floaters, flashes of light, shadows, curtains, or any sudden blurring of vision
  • Contact lens issues
  • Painful red eyes due to iritis or uveitis
  • Blunt force to the eye
  • And more!

Most often, your optometrist can take care of your eye problem in a triage manner by fitting you into their schedule as an urgent visit.  If we find something that warrants a referral, we have systems in place to refer you to the right sub-specialty quickly.

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