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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking technology is a way to reduce the amount of blue light exposure patients are experiencing. Blue light is found everywhere, including sunlight, fluorescent and incandescent light, and yes, in our digital devices like computer screens, phones, and tablets.

While there’s not a ton of research out there that says that blue light causes headaches, eye strain/fatigue, or other negative visual symptoms, we do know that blue light has a large impact on our circadian rhythm. 

Blue light blocking glasses can help filter the amount of blue light that a person is exposed to throughout the day and many patients note improvement in symptoms with this type of technology added to their glasses. Blue light protection can be added to an already existing glasses prescription or can be utilized in a plano (non-prescription) pair of glasses. 

A conversation with our optometrists or opticians at Blaine Eye Clinic can help you determine whether blue light blocking glasses might be a beneficial option for you.