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Lens Treatments

We realize everyone has different needs and lifestyles, therefore we offer lens treatments to complete any pair of eyewear for your specific situation.

Glare-Free Treatment is an important part of any prescription eyewear. Without it, lenses simply do not work as well as they could. Rather than reflecting backlight from computer screens, fluorescent lighting or headlights it forces the light through the lens bringing the wearer clearer, sharper vision, and less fatigue. Durability is also increased because high-quality glare-free treatments will repel things like dust, smudges, and water with their oleophobic and hydrophobic scratch coatings. Instead of distracting white reflections, the people you meet will see your eyes instead.

Polarized lenses are dark sunglass lenses that block reflected glare off of smooth surfaces. When driving, glare can come from other vehicles, snowy or wet roads and even from your own windshield. Rather than just darkening glare as tinted sunglasses will- the glare is actually eliminated. Polarized sunglasses are a must for anyone that spends any time on the water. If you are investing in a good pair of sunglasses this is definitely the way to go!lenses

Mirrors are reflective coatings that can be applied over any type of lens but are usually applied over tinted or polarized lenses. They come in a wide variety of color choices and are effective in blocking glare but also look amazing!

Anti-Fog is a relatively new concept in optical lenses. For motorcycle riders, hunters, delivery persons and anyone else who is bothered by their glasses fogging up due to temperature changes or even physical exertion, Essilor Anti-Fog is a huge help. Anti-Fog comes with either a high-quality glare-free treatment or scratch coating depending on your needs.

Transitions lenses adapt when lighting conditions change. These dynamic eyeglass lenses are designed to be worn indoors and will to automatically adapt (darken) when outdoors to give you a more comfortable viewing experience while providing eye protection from damaging UV light.

Tint can be added to most lenses to change the colors that you see. There are many colors to choose from, each offering a different look and benefit.

Scratch-resistant coating is an inherent property of all glare-free treatments Blaine Eye Clinic uses.