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LASIK Eye Exams

Many patients are interested in LASIK refractive surgery. Blaine Eye Clinic doctors and staff are well-qualified in helping you decide if this procedure would be helpful in obtaining your eye care needs. We are very sensitive to the fact that this is one of the largest decisions you may make and we will help guide you. Because we are your family eye doctor, this process will begin with a thorough eye examination to see if refractive surgery is even an option. If it is, your doctor will assist you in choosing a top refractive surgeon.

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You will have a consultation with the surgeon (usually complimentary) at which time more testing will be done to confirm that you are a good candidate. You will have to be out of your contact lenses a set amount of time (depending on the type of contact lens you wear). If your surgeon verifies that you may have the surgery, you will be referred back to your family eye doctor at Blaine Eye Clinic.

Your pre-operative visit will occur just prior to your surgery. This preoperative visit is done at Blaine Eye Clinic and includes repeating many of the comprehensive examination tests. We repeat so many of the tests because accuracy is vital. We will be using a much stronger dilating drop at this visit to ensure an extremely accurate vision reading as well as yet another eye health examination. These results are given to your surgeon.

For exacting purposes, more testing will be done with the surgeon. Often, Wavefront technology is actually used to get a”fingerprint” of your eye. After your surgery, you will return to see us for your post-operative care. You are followed closely and carefully by your family eye doctor to make sure your eyes are healing well.

As you can certainly see, we have extremely high standards for our patients’ eyes. Never will you feel rushed or pushed into a decision. We realize that there are known risks with refractive surgery and will do our very best to inform you of these and also to minimize them to the best of our ability. Blaine Eye Clinic doctors and the surgeons to whom we refer are very open to all questions you may have.