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Myopia Management

Myopia is a refractive error most commonly known as nearsightedness. Near stimuli appear clear while visual stimuli in the distance appear blurry. This happens because the length of the eyeball is longer than average causing light to bed (refract) incorrectly. 

Some patients can experience rapid worsening of myopia; this happens especially in children during their prime growth year. Rapid increase in myopia can create larger prescriptions needed for correction. Anyone with a diagnosis of myopia has an increased risk for developing retinal holes, tears, or detachments. The higher a patient’s prescription is, the higher the risk of these concerns. 

Thankfully, there are treatment options for helping slow the progression of myopia including specialty contact lenses and prescription drop therapy. Our doctors at Blaine Eye Clinic can help determine the best treatment option for you, whether that be with CRT (cornea refractive therapy) hard contact lenses, MiSight soft contact lenses, or Atropine eye drop therapy.