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Ocular Disease

Woman receiving an eye examIf you are having a specific concern about your eyes, please schedule a visit with us soon. If you aren’t sure what type of appointment to schedule, just mention this to our receptionist. (S)he will then utilize our in-clinic triage process. Various questions will be asked; your answers will then be routed to our doctors. They will review your ocular concerns and assist you in deciding what type of appointment is needed and how soon you should be seen.

We also recommend annual comprehensive eye examinations for all ages. Because some eye diseases don’t have warning signs, sometimes your eye doctor will actually detect a problem long before you would know something is wrong. As you can imagine, preventative care goes a long way. Many ocular diseases can be treated and/or controlled much more effectively when caught early.

Your eye doctor is trained to treat many types of eye diseases, such as red-eye and glaucoma. Some eye diseases, such as cataracts and retinal detachment, may result in a referral to an eye specialist for treatment(s).