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Binocular Vision Exams

Binocular vision relates to the ability of two eyes to work together as a team as a patient’s vision is typically considered “best” when viewing the world binocularly. At every comprehensive eye exam our doctors at Blaine Eye Clinic screen each patient for binocular vision disorders to determine whether a more extensive evaluation of binocular vision disorders would be recommended. 

A binocular vision evaluation takes an in depth look at how a patient’s two eyes work together by testing for problems with eye movement, eye coordination, and/or other subtle problems that can interfere with everyday life as well as determine whether a patient’s performance could be enhanced with treatment. 

Patients with an underlying binocular vision disorder might experience issues with headaches, fluctuating blur, struggles with focusing, eye strain/fatigue, headaches, reading comprehension or tracking issues. Most common diagnoses include amblyopia (lazy eye,) strabismus (eye turn,) and convergence insufficiency (the inability to turn the eyes inward comfortably.)

Once a binocular vision disorder is confirmed, our doctors can help determine next steps for treatment options including patch therapy, prescription drop therapy, prism glasses and/or vision therapy.