What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy exampleThere are certain types of vision problems that are not correctable with contact lenses, glasses or surgery.

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program using specialized eye exercises and equipment that help teach the patient how to use their eyes correctly and helps them better understand what they see.

What does vision therapy treat?

Lazy EyeLazy eye, or amblyopia, is the loss or lack of development of central vision in one eye that is unrelated to any eye health problem and is not correctable with lenses. (aapos.org)
Crossed EyesStrabismus is a condition in which both eyes do not look at the same place at the same time. It occurs when an eye turns in (cross-eyed), out, up, or down and is usually caused by poor eye muscle control or a high amount of farsightedness. (aoa.org)
Convergence InsufficiencyConvergence insufficiency is the inability to maintain binocular function (keeping the two eyes working together) while working at a near distance. (aapos.org)
Accommodative InsufficiencyAccommodative insufficiency is a condition in which a patient has an inability to focus or sustain focus at near. (covd.org)
Oculomotor DysfunctionOculomotor dysfunction occurs when the muscles around the eye are not properly coordinated.

“Our experience with Dr. Sis and the Blaine Eye Clinic has been wonderful. My son recently saw Dr. Sis (and her staff) for eye therapy. He had been experiencing headache and said last summer that sometimes it was hard to read because the words swam around on the page. We did weekly sessions with Dr. Sis as well as exercises (about 20-30 min/day) at home. The results were quick and steady, (he worked at least 5 times per week at home) and my son is now much happier about reading and says his headaches are gone. I asked him for his input and he said that he loves Dr. Sis and misses her now that we don’t see her weekly anymore. His teachers have said that his reading skills have greatly improved, we are just very happy all around. Thank you!”

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